Tell me about your day, who made you laugh, who laughed at your joke, what made you laugh the most that it made your stomach feel tight and your nose crinkle. What did you eat for lunch and did you enjoy it. What upset you, made you hurt, feel sad. What made you happy, so happy that you smile so big you have to look away because you feel like an idiot from stretching the muscles in your face so much to your perfect smile. Tell me what made your heart stop, and what made it beat again. Who you talked to, and who you can’t stand. Don’t tell me the bullshit, “I had a good day”, I asked how your day went, not a statement of an adjective conjoined with part of the question.

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She’s the type of girl who forgives easily, but hardly forgets. She’ll be mad at you and she’ll get over it the next day. She’ll almost be 100% sure she’s done with you and then she’ll remember how much you mean to her. She’ll ignore you until she starts missing you again. It’s easy because she cares enough to not hold grudges. Even if you hurt her, she’ll find it in her heart to drop it. But see, that’s the forgiving part. The forgetting part is not as easy because although she’ll move on from the arguments and harsh words, it’s stuck in her memory and she’ll remember it as long as you guys are together. What she hopes for, is for you to have her remember more good memories than bad.

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